Cruel minds straightened

Nggak ada yang lebih baik antara mencintai maupun dicintai..

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

But first lemme take a selfie love yourself first.


Six Years

Hi peeps! Been more than month since last I posted on blog. Writing on blog needs extra effort when you got many things to get nailed with, and more more things comes more tempting than usual than the duty itself. So how’s life? Fine fine fine? Mine is quite good tho still not starry ones. Simply so so. What’s exciting is….this month it’s start RAINING!! Gloomy sky, cooler air, mild rain. But the PHP sky is much more than one promising definite rain. I rarely tell anyone about anything I like or dislikes, so this is my confession.. I REALLY ADORE MILD RAIN ALIAS GERIMIS DAN LANGIT MENDUNG since it gives me “space” for daydreaming. And the smell!! I recently read one article that discuss about rain..(I never read ones I should read but I read this) and I learnt one vocab: Petrichor, the smell of earth, soil right before rain hits, alias bau tanah. Rain is soothing, moisten the dust, and calming the heart 🙂

Second good thing is…I’m going to Jakarta this Wednesday! Going to attend Mutumanikam Nusantara Jewelry Expo at Balai Kartini, Kuningan, South Jakarta accompanying mom until Sunday, then back to Bali on Monday with first, super earlymorn flight…artinya dari kemarin Minggu malemya nginep di bandara, yang artinya bakalan luntang lantung hahaha. But WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME?

And arriving at wordpress homepage today, I found…


Half of dozen years!! Never remember the actual year I started blogging but today wordpress saying happy anniversary to me (and my blog) woww maybe this is the precise date! November 17th 2008. Semoga tulisannya makin berkualitas dan gak sekedar curcol.

For the first time I share you clues

Unless it’s that urgent, I won’t tell. Conclude and keep saying to myself I’m ok. Bury this into deepest unconsciousness. Keep my body living in homeostatic. Sleep well darl. Your life seems that easy, your parents told you that you’re really lucky, of course for being studying the most expensive study program (overall, in the same batch), for annual travel abroad, even it’s already 2 times only, you’re still really, really lucky. And I, sometimes feel myself full of flaws, overall still, in the end I realise I’m really lucky.

If only I could shift it into the depth, or maybe I have recycle bin with permanent removal. Or simply, I want ‘delete’ button in my mind. Some memories could appear and annoy you, and your face reacts. But what’s that so duh memory?

I want to know, but in the same time I don’t want you to be honest, because honesty has thorns. You’re rose with thorns. But sorry I can’t translate myself into any name of any plant. In my garden, you’re already that rose. Lucky you.