My First (successful) Green Juice Experience

First post in March! Felt quite effective about everything today since I had my routine breakfast (all hail bubur bayi Nestlé~~) within less-than-15-minutes-after-bed, another breakfast again around 9 AM (pizza hut buy 1 get 1 platter ftw!) and stopped by supermarket so I bought that little green to make this little green heheh :3 And currently I’m planning on finishing something by tonight. Maybe I’m on my manics grateful state that everything seems a lot lot more bright.

Some argue this green is just disgusting (mom previously agreed tapi semua berubah semenjak hari ini) okay, just refer back to the title

Green juice, cold-pressed juice, raw foods, etc. maybe already shifts the era of bubble drinks since everything colorful but healthy foods becomes trending lately. Fruits and veggies can be mixed into something surprisingly fresh, tasty and guiltless and not surprisingly they also bring goodness from nutrients contained.

My favourite, best, tasty, green juice I ever tried is from JuiceTime. The taste fits my taste buds, not too sweet, it’s combi of spinach, avocado, etc (maybe close to my recipe) the price is 18k by last January. Unfortunately I forgot the name on menu.

My first (yes reeeeally first) unsuccessful experience on making green juice was like I’m working on poison. Taste like poison really. I mixed about two medium-sized fuji apples, a thumb ginger, two local oranges, a fist of spinach but in the end I drank it because.. sayang ngebuangnya. Bahannya mahal ciiin 🙂

But since I found Joanna Soh youtube video on making green juice, I feel like this is the one. What you need is one creamy fruit, another one fruit, one veggie, and one fluid, this is the basic formula. Right formula means suitable ingredients at suitable amount so nothing is wasted.

Okay, distracting, not-related background

Mine made of avocados, banana (“pisang susu” exactly), spinach, water…and I added plain milk karena iseng. One medium avocado, 2 small banana (karena sejauh ini belum pernah liat pisang susu ada yang besar), one fist of spinach, put them within your blender or food processor, adds water maybe 3/4 of your ingredients height or as you wish.

I took the leaves only. This one I bought at supermarket was quite fresh (with some rips but okay) with few holes but okaaaay.

I took the leaves only. This one I bought at supermarket was quite fresh (with some rips but okay) with few holes but okaaaay.

I don’t use ice cubes, just freeze the ingredients.

Frozen avocado, peeled and kept within lunch box day before

Frozen avocado, peeled and kept within lunch box day before.

And ta-daaaa~~!!
Here they go two glass of my first successful green juice!!:D

Let's try some more! :p

Let’s try some more! :p

HBU guys, have you ever tried green juice or make it? If not, then you should particularly if you dislike vegetables since they are physically vegetables 😀


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