For the first time I share you clues

Unless it’s that urgent, I won’t tell. Conclude and keep saying to myself I’m ok. Bury this into deepest unconsciousness. Keep my body living in homeostatic. Sleep well darl. Your life seems that easy, your parents told you that you’re really lucky, of course for being studying the most expensive study program (overall, in the same batch), for annual travel abroad, even it’s already 2 times only, you’re still really, really lucky. And I, sometimes feel myself full of flaws, overall still, in the end I realise I’m really lucky.

If only I could shift it into the depth, or maybe I have recycle bin with permanent removal. Or simply, I want ‘delete’ button in my mind. Some memories could appear and annoy you, and your face reacts. But what’s that so duh memory?

I want to know, but in the same time I don’t want you to be honest, because honesty has thorns. You’re rose with thorns. But sorry I can’t translate myself into any name of any plant. In my garden, you’re already that rose. Lucky you.


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