[Lyrics] HEY – And I Need You Most

One soundtrack from drama It’s Okay It’s Love. This one and The Once – You are my best friend are on my top list.
Anyway I haven’t found the official MV for this song, some are just fanmade (precisely because there are Hae Soo and Jae Yul in the thumbnail) so this one I embed so you can sing it altogether with finding the lyrics hahaha
Btw I downloaded this song here. Choose the top-est one.

And I need you most.
I’m drifting like the clouds, no solid ground.
You wipe away my tears,
And listen to my fears.
And I need you most.
Morning sunrise, the brink of a day.
I breathe your kiss from miles away.
And I need you most.
I’m fragile as our bones, and all alone.
Imperfect as I am,
In your sweet embrace,
How I need you most.
Afternoon rays, ignites in the haze.
You light me up from miles away.
# Whisper words of love
You love me true, for the girl I am.
A miracle, a bit unusual.
All I want is you.
I need you.

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