Lion Eats Banana just officially made!

I am excited that wordpress still have this domain for me to get in such common day. Since I started blogging in high school (around year 2006 or 2007, I don’t exactly remember), I used to choose the URL with my own name, like pratiwisatya, satyapratiwi and on (I deleted those already, made and deleted, then made again) but today suddenly I daring myself choosing the different name. Lion Eats Banana sounds hilarious, where you could find lion eats banana? I’ve never seen it, somehow my family ever had dogs which loved, to eat banana and never reject fruits given.

Why banana? For me, banana is one that good to be eaten alone, together (?), .. haha but really, its good to be mixed in pancakes mixture and even become total replacement for flour, drowned into pudding, cut into slices and spilled upon every desserts and pudding, made juice with strawberry, mixed with plain yoghurt to get a tasty banana yoghurt. While it’s good for the digestive effect. I usually having local banana, whatever the kind is, at home. You know, that kind of banana with not so good-looking skin but still good and decent sweetness. Does it sound am really like or bestfriend with banana?  😀


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